Possibilities at dominial for induction hardening?

  • Dominial has induction hardening capacity up to a length of 2 meters.
  • Cable pulleys up to a weight of 10 tons can be induction hardened.
  • We have 3 induction machines (40-150-250 kw) available.
  • We have in-house development and manufacturing of induction coils.

Why induction hardening?

With Induction Hardening it is possible to create hardened layer of a depth 2-6 mm. The surface is heated with a high frequency current through a copper coil. It ensures an even hardening of the surface.

Commonly used materials are: C45, 42CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6, St52.3, etc.

Customer information required for heat treatment

Product required hardness: (HRC/HB)

Material type: (e.g 42crmo4 / 15crni6)

Hardness certificate? (Yes / No)

Length x height x depth [mm] (drawings)