What can dominial make harder

  • Hardening / finishing up to a size of Ø 2600 * 3500 mm.
  • Parts up to a maximum weight of 20,000 kg.
  • Dominial has quenching baths with different cooling characteristics.
  • The process is fully automated, allowing us to accurately determine the time temperature.
  • Dominial has 16 annealing / annealing furnaces.


The art of hardening is to give a heat treatment to steel products with the aim of improving the mechanical properties of these products. with name the compressive strength and wear resistance. This result is achieved by changing the structure of steel.

Breeding is the heat treatment of steel products with the aim of increasing tensile strength while retaining toughness. This treatment is a combination of hardening and subsequent high tempering.

Commonly used materials are: C45, 42CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6, St52.3, etc.

Customer information required for heat treatment

Product required hardness: (HRC/HB)

Material type: (e.g C45 / 1.2510 / 1.2842)

Hardness certificate? (Yes / No)

Length x height x depth? [mm/cm] (drawings preferred)

Weight: (Kilogram)